VIP transport service may seem like a business that brings about images of luxury cars, celebrities, and prominent personalities. But there’s more to VIP transportation than impeccable fleet and chauffeurs we provide at Peace Transportation. It involves a comprehensive structure and carefully thought-out plans that often involve defined protocols that require strict adherence.

At Peace Transportation we provide a wide range of VIP transport services.

These can include private shuttles to major events, dedicated principal movement with pre-vetted chauffeurs, special airport transfers, and protocol fleet services with trained security personnel. VIP Transport logistics require careful planning to accommodate the intricate requirements of the principal while limiting exposure and delivering expected service levels.

Pickups are tailored according to the needs of the clientele. This will ensure that all necessary requirements are met whether it’s an airport pickup or any other location. VIP transfers require integration with airport authorities, and in certain cases, local police or diplomatic services for secure escort services.

Peace Transportation employs only the best and well-trained drivers that are professional and hospitable. These are the people who are on the frontline in taking care of the client and have a detailed understanding of security, safety, and privacy. When necessary, VIP chauffeurs will have specific protocol training depending on the principal’s needs.

Peace Transportation also uses Traffic-Monitoring Software which helps avoid time lost in jams and which also optimizes travel time and enables our drivers to plan the shortest and most convenient route.

Peace Transportation has serviced Major Entrepreneurs, Rock Stars, religious Leaders and Politicians.

We Help you Plan for Your VIP Needs In Advance:

Part of event planning is ensuring that your most important attendees/guests are taken care of. Event transportation coordination by Peace Transportation can provide the best experience possible for your VIP guests whether it’s before, during, or after the event.
Knowing that this aspect of event transportation is looked after, managers and event organizers can focus on other tasks. This will make for an efficient event management.

You can trust Peace Transportation of Detroit to take care of your VIP Transportation needs!